Apple Macs Penetrating Into Windows Dominated PC Enterprise

According to recent report from Gartner Apple Macs are invading Windows PC market at fast pace. Windows PC Market is decreasing but it will take many years for Macs to  make it through Windows and becoming first in the Market. The world is still PC dominated but Macs are gaining space fastly Windows is not challenged to Tablet technologies.

According to report world’s 90% desktops still run Windows which makes it the biggest platform running on any electronic device. Linux and other OS also constitute around 4% machines running on it. Now coming onto Apple it takes 5% share in world market but Gartner says 64% enterprising will likely allow more Macs into the enterprise over the next few years.

Gartner analyst Silver said that Mac costs more on Hardware, Software and Support. But Silver also added that its easy to manage Macs than in a Windows dominated PC Enterprise. Here’s the Price of Windows and Macs hardware and software:


     Mac     Windows
Software and Hardware      $1,622      $1,513
Labor Cost         $636         $781


Averaging costs Macs are slightly expensive than windows. Silver also added that different companies have different experience with Macs some says its expensive and for some its packed with different experience. To make Mac hit [quote]“Most organizations have to support some Mac infrastructure,”[/quote] said Silver. Recently there is one more addition to Apple’s Mac lineup as they announced MacBook Pro with Retina Display making its resolution to 2880 x 1800 pixels and it would cost you around $2,199.

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