Apple iPhone’s Journey

Five years ago on June 29th 2007 Apple’s former ceo Steve Jobs released the Apple iPhone. When it was released its the only smartphone which was powered by touch-ability and attracts the users as its easy to use, stylish and is packed with various features. By passage of time Apple’s App store gets big and bigger. In App store there are different types of Apps for different users. Its alsp home to thousands of games that helps the user to have fun. In 2007 there are rarely phones which have wifi so Apple’s iPhone started this trend this Wifi trend by which user can connect to internet from any where without any wires. There are more features which Apple introduced in its iPhone and that is the reason for iPhone’s growth. The history of mobile industry will always be divided into two eras — before the iPhone era and after the iPhone era. As in after era the graphs are changed of big guns like Motorola, Ericsson, Nokia, Palm and Blackberry and new companies like Samsung came in front of the world with its new and attractive designs of mobile phones. Now lets look at the features of the iPhone which are the reasons for its popularity world wide.

Apple iPhone's Journey

Screen and input methods:

iPhone is the smartphone which has the touch ability which provides the users with an easy method to input any kind of data, earlier the users uses the buttons for input, this is the new unique way for users. The touchscreen on all models have 9 cm (3.5 in) liquid crystal display with scratch-resistant glass. In new variant, 5th generation iPhone there is the multitouch capabilty which provides the better platform to do work and while playing games as the input method is unique it helps in the growth of iPhone constantly.


iPhone features an internal rechargeable lithium-ion battery and this battery is not user-replaceable it can be charged from computer with the help of USB to dock connector cable. Which again a unique way to charge the mobile phone.

Apps and Games

Apple gives you the apps and games which extremely helps you to do daily work more efficiently and fastly and have fun by playing the quilty games. it provides the onliine store for apps and games through iTunes you can buy and download and play them on your iPhone. this is also the uniqueness of the iPhone.


The iPhone gives you the large storage capacity ranges from 8GB to 64GB .  iPhone is available with diffrent storage capacity, user can select version which better suites them.


The iPhone has the camera which is at that time is a unique thing and now apple comes with iPhone 4S which is capable of shooting 8MP stills and recording 1080p videos and the quality of the pics clicked by its camera is quite amazing. The camera can now be accessed directly from the lock screen, and the volume up button as a shutter trigger.which is easy for users to access the camera

Overall the Apple’s iPhone gives you the variety of new things which you never seen before and that’s the main reson for the growth of iPhone now speculations are coming that Apple is coming with its iPhone 5 which may be powered by Retina display by the end of this year.Graph of Apple  stock growth from July 2007 to today is given below. you can see how popular the apple products are. Now in near future as the technology upgrades the technique of making the phone is changing the new designs are coming and by this users are benefited from this.

Apple iPhone's Journey

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