Android’s New APK Have App Check Malware Scanner For Google Play

As we know Google last week introduced new APK for Android. But Android Police today discovered that Google has added significant change to its APK. New APK have Malware strings including package_malware_title and package_malware_banner_warning which will ”shut up and download it” button for people who don’t care so much about protecting their devices. Simply Google has taken more steps to strengthen its Android OS security wise also.

The feature also named as App Check in APK will roll out to Android devices sometime in the future, which will help protect devices against malware. App Check will monitor users’ tablets and smartphones for malicious activity to ensure there are no malicious apps running in the background. It will also scan newly downloaded applications and prevent those containing malware from being installed. It will  work with the old bouncer which is a feature that automatically scanned new and existing applications on the app store.

So currently we need to protect our Android Phone Data with some simple and common preventive measures as it will come to work in Android versions after Android 4.1 Jelly Bean.

Additionally, FBI also warned Android users yesterday, due to its popularity to be aware of some malware that are present in the market.

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