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Yet not decided which budget or mid range phone to buy for yourself? Do you want to gift a latest smart phone to your loved ones and still waiting for the festive deals?

The mobile market is flooded with hundreds of smart phones from multiple brands but they just add to your worries. So, if you have any of the above question or facing the same situation at this festive season then you have landed to the right page.

Xolo Mobiles at Best Price |

At, we bring to you the best of XOLO Smartphones at a never before price. XOLO phones offer latest and premium Android smart phones with continuous technology enhancements while taking care of your pocket.

Designed to impress with its trendy look and latest features ranging from quad-core processor for fast blazing speed , wide and vibrant touch display to more enhanced digital camera to capture the perfect shot, this brand is gaining popularity in the Indian smartphone market. XOLO mobiles are all about sleek and handy style and give next level performance with the latest technology. In zest to bring out the best and to fasten your computing, it tied up with Intel and introduced world’s first smartphone powered by Intel.

Now, choose one for yourself and style up every day with the exclusive X-Theme and match-up your mood with the customized themes in XOLO A500s. And challenge the gamer inside you with the XOLO Play which is ignited by the advanced NVIDIA Tegra 3 Quad Core Processor and graphics.

Enjoy seamless navigation of apps with Jelly Bean OS and a long-lasting battery get you non-stop fun on the Q1000 and checkout the Swipe Keyboard with Xolo Q600 and change the way you type. You just need to slide your finger from the first alphabet or letter to the last and it will intuitively form the word. All Xolo devices are protected against data loss and thefts with XOLO Secure.

So, experience the change and move to the level next technology with XOLO.

Top 5 Mobile Phones in September

With a task to cater a 1.5 Billion odd population, India is emerging as a global market for the mobile manufacturers. With a desire to get something extravagant every-time, people are know looking for a smartphone that suits their basic needs and comes with an affordable price tag. This has forced the manufacturers to innovate and bring something out-of-the-box every-time.

Here we present to you the Top 5 Mobile phones with some of the highlights and their success story.

Nokia Lumia 520 |

Nokia Lumia 520

Nokia Lumia 520
Lumia 520 comes as a great choice for budget conscious users. sporting a 4-inch IPS Capacitive Touchscreen along with a Dual Core processor and 512MB RAM, adds charm to the phone’s processing. An in-built storage capacity of 8GB would be enough but for those who think the opposite, can expand it to 32GB easily.

Samsung Galaxy S Duos

Samsung Galaxy S Duos

Samsung Galaxy S Duos GT-S7562
Experimenting and innovating with the design and specs, Samsung Galaxy has easily beaten the rest by quite a margin. Loaded with Cortex A5 processor and 768MB RAM, this phone functions really smooth. The 4″ touchscreen along with a 5MP camera and sleek, trendy design beautifies the phone.

Sony Xperia M

Sony Xperia M
Rated as one of the best selling smartphones, Sony Xperia M features NFC and Screen Mirroring which is usually available in high end mobiles. Capable of running high end games and apps smoothly because of the gigabyte RAM and powerful processor. A bit low on the memory part with 4GB but expandable up to 32GB makes up for it.

Canvas HD

Micromax Canvas HD A116

Micromax Canvas HD A116
Redefining and bringing the best of smartphones and that too at an affordable price makes Micromax stands out of the rest. Canvas HD A116 features a Quad Core Processor coupled with gigabyte of RAM enhances the overall multitasking ability. The phone can be easily snugged into pockets with a 5″capacitive touchscreen and being light in weight it can be carried easily.



Xolo A500S

Xolo A500S
According to the recent data collected from our database, Xolo A500S gains the top notch. With over thousand pieces sold in less than a month, this phone certainly has some wow features. The 1.3GHz cortex A7 dual core processor efficiently manages the battery sources and smoothens app launch. The 4″ capacitive touchscreen gives stunning picture quality and the 4GB internal storage expandable up to 32GB gives you freedom to store everything you like.

The Nuances of Mobile Security

Mobile phone, especially a smartphone, is no longer simply a communication tool. Nowadays, more and more mobiles users and especially the business professionals use smartphones to plan and organize personal and official life as well.

However, on the flip side, this sudden increased dependency on technology is inflicting profound changes within data systems and is becoming a source of risk. Undoubtedly,  smartphones collect an increasing amount of sensitive data the access to which should be controlled to guard the privacy of the user and the organizations which inevitably become a part of the vicious circle.

Types of attacks:

1) Attack made through messages:

An attack can be made possible by sending an irregular block of text, thereby causing the phone to restart, leading to DOS attacks. For example, If you have a Siemens S55 OS and you have received a text message containing a Chinese character, it could lead to a denial of service as its not defined in the OS functioning.

2) Attacks made through Wi-Fi:

An attacker can try to eavesdrop on your Wi-Fi Connection to get information like your password. These types of attacks are not so common to smartphones, but they are very open to these attacks because quite often Wireless communication (Wi-Fi) is the only means of communication. With brute force attacks and attacker can easily access the requisite information. So, it is suggested to use WPA / WPA2 protocol instead of WEP.

3) Attacks made through Bluetooth connection:

These are one of the most common attacks wherein, the attacker can easily transmit a file and get the access to your device. Consequently, there is a dire need to protect your smartphone against such threats.
You will be shocked to know that in the last two quarters closing 2012, the number of unique mobile threats grew by 161%, according to a research. Such threats increase the probability of data loss, data thefts etc. So, the big question that arises is howcan this be controlled ?

Generic & effective ways:

An antivirus software can be installed on a device to verify if it is corrupted by a known threat, usually by SDS (Signature Detection Software) that detects the corrupt files.

Most of the smartphones these days are using Biometric Locks, which uses a technology to identify a person by means of her morphology (eye or face detection). In this case, only the primary user would be able to unlock the phone and so your data would remain secure.

Do’s and Dont’s:

> Do not be overly vulnerable
Do not believe in everything that is presented while downloading an app. A lot of information that is asked can be phishing or attempting to distribute a malicious code. Do check the reputation of that app before using.

> Be careful
Protect it by using simple gestures like – Lock your phone when not in use, do not leave your handset unattended. Also, do not store a lot of sensitive data on such devices.

> Look for the permissions granted to apps
Do ensure the privileges required by an application during installation and do not accept if the rights are inconsistent.

Albeit, it is not impossible to insulate your device against such threats completely, however, an intelligent and careful user can protect himself from sudden data loss or data theft.