HP launches energy efficient desktop HP Pavilion P2

Earlier in the first week of July Hp launched the energy efficient desktop HP Pavilion P2. The Company says it can cut energy costs by up to 60 per cent as compared to other conventional desktops and this product is not expensive, being power efficient it is available at an affordable price that company announced at ₹23,500 in India.

The HP Pavilion P2 Desktop comes in two versions, one with an Intel Pentium G630T Processor and the other with the Intel Core i3 2120T Processor. It also has a built-in Vision technology that gives super-sharp photos and smooth and vivid HD video playback. The desktop is powered with 2GB RAM and 500 GB hard disk. This Product is also very stylish, streamlined, affordable and works on a 90W power adaptor as against the conventional desktops that work on 250W power supply units, resulting in upto 60-70% less power consumption under normal usage conditions and savings of almost Rs.6001.  HP Pavilion P2 has some other features which are described below.

• Consumes 60% less power.
• Keeps going for up to 1 hour on backup provided by any regular UPS.
• Stylish, streamlined and affordable desktop.
• Clean lines and carefully calculated space configuration enhance the overall aesthetic.
• Built-in Vision Technology gives super-sharp photos and smooth and vivid HD video playback.
• Packed with all the essential features required for e-mail, social networking, homework, personal
finances, and casual Web browsing.


Should You Jailbreak Your iPhone, iPad, iPod or Not?

Through jailbreaking, we can gain access to areas of the iPhone, iPod touch or iPad that users aren’t supposed to mess with. Typically, this is an immediate prelude to either installing cool programs, unlocking the handset for use with another cellular network, or both. You are able to add additional applications to your iPhone, iPods. It allows you to do so by adding an application called Cydia to your iPod and iPhone. It also allows changing of your iPhone application icons, wallpaper, dock, status bar, chat bubbles, weather backgrounds, keyboard….etc. Now lets see the factors that will  help you in deciding whether you should jailbreak your iPhone or iPod, etc.

Bright Side of the Jailbreaking

Overseas Use
When you use your iPhone in another country, you are subject to data roaming charges. Use your iPhone as you do in its home country. You can use your iPhone like you use in your home country by jailbreaking and then unlocking your iPhone. When you do, you have the option—as you do with many other mobile phones—to purchase an inexpensive pay-as-you-go SIM card in the country you’re visiting. Pop out the old SIM, plunk in a new one, and you’re in business.

Good Apps
The apple app store has many remarkable apps but there are things Apple won’t let you do with your iPhone via apps sold at the App Store.  Although Steve Jobs can project every element of the iPhone’s interface on a big screen, you can’t. Video output on the iPhone is limited, by default, to select apps. This can be done, however, with a third-party app found via the Cydia app. Jailbreaking also lets you customize the interface of the iPhone, iPod and iPad. You can change your Dock, Themes, Live Icons and you can even customize your Status Bar.

Thanks to a couple of iOS vulnerabilities, you can unlock your iOS device simply by visiting jailbreakme.com with your Web browser and sliding a switch that jailbreaks the device and installs a copy of Cydia. There hasn’t been a jailbreak this easy in years. 

 Dark Side of the JailBreak

Goodbye Stability and Safety
While jailbreaking, you may be provided with many options to increase the functionality of your iPhone or iPad. But while going through these options if app or any part of the software crashes down, then you can’t go to Apple for service . By jailbreak, there are many things which require personal information which you would never want to share with anybody and now the phone is more prone to attack. When you jailbreak your device and enable SSH, its more accessible from the outside than it is, without jailbreak.

You Don’t Get to Update iOS
After jailbreaking your iPhone or iPad, you don’t get the iOS update easily. When you update, you lose your jailbreak and you have to re install that and re install all your apps and extensions which are installed.

Your battery life could suffer
 Some third-party apps and processes care very little about how much power they pull from your iOS device. If you’re running some of these things on your iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad, your battery could drain in a short order.

Apple and your warranty
Apple says
[quote]“It is also important to note that unauthorized modification of the iOS is a violation of the iPhone end-user license agreement and because of this, Apple may deny service for an iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch that has installed any unauthorized software.” [/quote]

Anecdotal evidence suggests that if you walk into an Apple Store with a misbehaving and jailbroken iPhone in the hope of getting some help with it, you’ll be politely turned away.

Now finally if you want the quality apps above all your security and support you should jailbreak. If you don’t want to break your warranty you should not jailbreak.


Printer: Canon E500 Vs. HP Dj2060

Recently we have seen the launch of Canon E500 printer in the market. Canon has priced it for Rs. 6,000 in the market. According to Canon its printer is Ink Efficient and is built to give you an affordable printing experience.  Canon also says that it has packed Canon E500 with the new FINE cartridge which improves color reproduction in the red area for more brilliant colour images. Canon is propagating the high yield (2000 plus pages) of black cartridge being used in this printer through unofficial channels.

To get these facts true, we decided to get this printer tested for the yield and other qualitative aspects. To get it tested, we adopted to compare Canon E500 with HP Dj2060 (in order to compare, we tested both). Here are some gimmicks which our competition has adopted. Take a look at:

  • While Competition is claiming the yield of 2000 plus pages from a single black cartridge, there is no official mention or endorsement of this yield on competition website/product brochure, etc.
  • Call competition helpline no. and customer support executives don’t mention any yield for this printer.
  • The published yield on the brochure (attached in the mail) is 800 pages only as per ISO.

We started the testing with ISO standard page to see the results. The actual yield came out to be 800 pages which is far too low from the reality. After comparing all other aspects with HP Dj2060 we found that HP Dj2060 is a much better proposition for a customer compared to Canon E500. You can check out the image below for full results:

Canon E500 Vs. HP Dj2060 Printer

Click To Zoom


We did a PFV (Price function Value) comparison for HP Dj2060 vis-à-vis Canon E500 and results came in the basket of Hp Dj2060, which is 11% cheaper compared to E500. For arriving a PFV what we did was that wherever there is feature advantage or disadvantage we have assigned a value to that feature and reduced/added back to the MOP of Dj2060 to arrive at net value. For example, there is a clear advantage of Reebok voucher with Dj2060 and we have assigned a value of Rs.600 only to this and reduced from the MOP.

Clear Advantages with Dj2060:

  • HP Dj2060 cartridge prices are more affordable. The POP for black cartridge is 34% lower and for color cartridge it is 50% lower compared to competition.
  • HP Dj2060 is more energy efficient compared to competition.
  • Consumer promo of Reebok voucher worth Rs.1000/-
  • HP brand reliability & wide service network.
  • 120 promoters exclusively dedicated to promote Ink Advantage in key outlets. Please be demanding from these outlets and don’t allow stocking/selling of Canon E500/L series printers from these outlets.

So guys we came to know that HP Dj2060 is an excellent performer in real time and we also grounded Canon’s high flying features. So guys from here HP Dj2060 is way ahead of Canon E500.

Things To Remember before Buying a Tablet

Tablet is basically the enlarged version of the smartphone tasks which are not done on the phones because of small screen is solved. By the Tablets the users can easily and quickly do their work. You should be careful while buying a tablet because their are many options available now days. Go through the certain things while purchasing.

Operating System

Narrowing down to a particular brand of Tablet as a first step is a false start. It is actually the Operating System that is at the core of a Tablet device . Their are options available in the market you can buy the iOS powered iPad,Android it is the platform which is growing very rapidly in the market by its features and now Microsoft also makes the OS Windows 8 for tablet which will be coming with the surface tablet. You can select from these companies they are the TOP Competitors you can go for Android at present because it provides more options and features than others.


Screen size is very important while you buying a tablet. The size of the tablet matters because everybody has its own comfort while working and knows how big screen he needs. Generally 7inch is the standard size of the tablet.In market 10inch tablet versions are also very popular its becomes more easy and for users to do their work and do it quickly.


To do the work quickly on your tablet and run all the apps and games on it you have to focus on the Processor and RAM of the Tablet. The Standard for a good tablet is 1 GHz processsor and 1GB of RAM above this is pretty cool.


Apps help achieve customization of the highest order to fit the exact requirements of a user. Free and paid apps available to download can help enhane the usability experience of the end user. App store maintained by Apple Inc is a clear leader when it comes to the total number of applications. Google Play app store closely follows the iTunes app store as maintained by Apple. The irony is that not all devices running on Android OS support get access to the main Google Play app marketplace. In this department Apple had the upper hand.


Many tablets can also connect to monitor displays and televisions via an HDMI cable. This is great if you have video content on your tablet that you can then play on the bigger screen. For internet surfing device should have the Wifi and GPRS connectivity.

Insync: Sync Your Gmail Attachments With Dropbox And Google Drive

Basically Insync is a Singapore based firm which launched its service today that allows you to you to sync, save or backup your Gmail attachments with Dropbox or Google Drive account. Once signed in with a Gmail (or Google-hosted email) account, users are prompted to provide their Drive or Dropbox credentials and then specify a folder that will sync with their Insync account.

To sync your file you need to back up an attachment within the webmail service, simply add a preset label (the default is @Drive) to the email containing the file, and the syncing will happen automatically. You can also checkout the Insync introductory video below:

Founder and CEO Terence Pua stated that:

 “We’re confident that we have a better client, and we’ll be expanding to other places like the new Gmail service, Our goal is to be wherever you work, making your life easier.”

Currently Insync only offers back up to Google Drive as Dropbox Application approval is in the queue. But you can still try it with Google Drive.

Try it:  Insync

Sony Vaio T Launched in India

Last month Sony launched two Laptops Sony Vaio T and  Sony Vaio E14A. Sony Vaio T is also the company’s first ultrabook which was launched on 13th of July and is packed with features like Ethernet, VGA, USB 3.0, USB 2.0 and HDMI ports. It will be available in 11.6 and 13.3 inch screen sizes, starting from Rs. 45,990 only.

But the company’s other model which is launched with this model is costlier than Vaio T as it is more stylish and looks better than Vaio T. Sony Vaio E14A is packed with color accent around the laptop’s edge, touchpad and keyboard. It comes with a ‘personalization kit’ comprising of matching colour keyboard skin and mouse. This laptop is available at a price range of Rs. 55,990 to Rs. 65,990.

The company will reportedly allocate Rs. 90 crore towards Vaio’s marketing this financial year and will offer free on-site service for all Vaio models.