Apple’s A5 Processor


What is this much heard hype about Apple’s A5 processor? Any ideas?

Well, at most, what we know is that the A5 Processor of Apple is latest one from Apple  and is used in various Apple products to boost their Speed and Graphics.

Let’s explore it further.

What is A5 Processor?

Here’s the answer for questions above: Apple’s A5 Processor is very Powerful Processor designed by Apple Inc, Technology licensed from Britain’s ARM Holdings and fabricated by Samsung to replace the Apple A4 Processor. Its also known as S5L8940X chip. Its naming is also done in systematic way as its jumping 10 in the labeling from previous version  S5L8930X. This suggests that its full way upgrade of processing and graphics. It also consist two more upgraded models and that are S5L8942X and S5L8945X better known as 32 nm Version and A5X respectively.

What’s New in A5 Processor?

Better Performance – The A5 processor is a dual-core affair and, as per Apple’s claims, it is twice as fast as its predecessor, the A4 processor, and capable of running at up to 1GHz.

Better Graphics – Apple claims that graphics of Apple devices running on A5 are now nine times better than the first iPad.

So you thought better graphics does affect your device’s battery life?  Well, the plus point is that A5 doesnt let the battery drain so easily even with high performance and better graphics.

Size of the new processor –  The S5L8940X of A5 has 45 nm with 122.2 square mm of die area and it powers iPad 2 and iPhone 4. Second version of A5 series is S5L8942X and it has 32 nm fabrication and 69.6 mm² which makes it 41% smaller than S5L8940X. Now last one of this series which runs sensational iPad 3. It features a dual-core CPU at 1 GHz and a quad-core PowerVR SGX543MP4 GPU. Its size is increased about 310% from 53.3 nm of A4.

Which Products Operate on It?

Various versions of A5 runs on various Apple devices. If as a whole we count, products running on A5 are – iPad 2, iPhone 4S, Apple TV  and iPad (3rd generation). But from all these versions A5X is the best processor from Apple till date and we are waiting for A6 from Apple. According to sources Apple’s A6 trial production has begun with 28nm process.

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